Aggiungere widget


Widgets are the building blocks of your website. They contain text, images, buttons, and other content. With a widget you can show off your restaurant’s menu, take appointments online, add a photo gallery or a contact form, and much more. There are many different elements to choose from – experiment with a few to find just the right ones for you. You can add widgets to your website either by dragging and dropping them from the Widgets panel of the left-side editor menu or via the inline menu.

Adding widgets from the widgets panel

  1. Click the Widgets tab in the left menu to open the Widgets panel. Search for the widget you want by scrolling through the widget list or by using the widget search bar.
  2. Click on the widget and drag it onto the site, placing it where you want it to be.
  3. Quando rilasci il pulsante, il widget sarà collocato nella posizione indicata dal segno blu. 
  4. After Adding a widget the context menu for the widget automatically open. From here you can customize your widget. See here for details on widget editing.

Adding widgets via the inline menu

Right-click any widget and in the context menu that appears, pick Add widget below to add a widget immediately below the current widget. 


If you’re right-clicking on a column, you’ll have a few more Add options. Click + Add and pick Add widget below. 


You can do a quick selection from four most popular widgets or click More widgets to open the full widget menu. After adding the widget, you can edit it as usual.



When dragging-and-dropping a widget to your website, note the text in the blue placement indicator. Here's what these messages mean:

  • Inserisci qui: il widget sarà aggiunto a una riga o colonna esistente.
  • Inserisci in una nuova riga: sarà aggiunta una nuova riga e il widget sarà collocato al suo interno.
  • Inserisci in una nuova colonna: sarà aggiunta una nuova colonna e il widget sarà collocato al suo interno.


  • Per maggiori informazioni sull'aggiunta di widget al sito Web, vedi Modificare widget.