Create a Dynamic Page

A Dynamic Page is connected to a content collection and used to generate multiple pages with unique content but the same design. You can either create a new Dynamic Page or convert an existing page to a Dynamic Page.

Note: You must have a content collection before you can create or convert a Dynamic Page. See Define a Collection for Dynamic Pages for more information.

Create a New Dynamic Page:

  1. Navigate to Pages and click New Page.
  2. Select Dynamic Page.
  3. If you do not have a collection you will be prompted to create one.
  4. Name the page.
  5. Select the collection you want to connect to from the drop down.
  6. Click Add Page.

After creating a Dynamic Page, the next step is to connect your widgets.

Convert an Existing Page to a Dynamic Page:

  1. In the Page Panel, go to the Page settings of the page you want to convert and click Convert to Dynamic Page.
  2. Select the collection from the drop down.
  3. Click Done.

After converting a Dynamic Page, the next step is to connect your widgets.

Note: Dynamic Pages appear on your Pages Panel with a collection icon to indicate it is a Dynamic Page. If you hover over the icon, you will see the name of the collection to which it is connected.

Note: Dynamic Pages do NOT appear in the site navigation, and thus are hidden by default. See Add a List, Gallery or Image Slider Widget to Display Dynamic Pages for more information on how to provide navigation to your Dynamic Pages.

Dynamic Page Permissions

Dynamic Pages don’t have special permissions. The data is handled externally, so if a client has access to the data in the collection they will be able to change it. Also, the data is not backed up in anyway. 

Limited editing clients will not be able to change anything that is connected in the Dynamic Page - they will only be able to view it.

Dynamic Page Navigation

Once a Dynamic Page is created or an existing page is converted it will not appear in the navigation and its URL will not be indexed. This is because it does not have any content; it only functions as a layout. This also means the Dynamic Page and the page items will not be available in the link picker. See Add a List to Display Dynamic Pages for information on how to provide navigation.

Dynamic pages are not supported in the navigation widget either.

Dynamic Page Settings

In the Dynamic Page Settings you can change the collection and URL of the page, turn on or off page indexing, add SEO data by connecting the title and description fields to the collection, and add custom Header HTML.

After creating or converting the Dynamic Page, the next step is to connect your widgets.