eCommerce: Receiving New Order Notifications

You and your customers can receive email notifications about new orders, payment status updates, and other useful information.

Setting up email notifications

You can adjust your email notifications preferences at your Ecwid Control Panel → Settings → Mail. Here you can manage the following settings:

  • enable/Disable the notifications of certain types;
  • upload your logo to be displayed in the notifications.

See a video on how to set up email notifications:

Admin notifications

    • New Order Placed. Sent to admin when an order is placed. This email contains information about order items, shipping and billing details.
Install Ecwid mobile app to get push notifications about new orders as well.
  • Low Stock Notification. This message is automatically sent to you when a product in your Ecwid store has reached a low stock limit.

Editing notifications

You can edit the layout and content of email notifications using HTML template. There is a lot of data (e.g. order total, customer’s name, etc.) that can be added to the template with help of special variables. You can find the full list of these variables: Editing mail notifications templates.

Email Notifications Translation

Today mail notification templates are translated to: English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish,Finnish, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Czech. 

When you create a new Ecwid account, the notification templates are automatically translated to the language of your Control Panel. In case there is no mail notification translation to this particular language yet, the notification templates will be translated to English by default.

How to change the mail notifications language

Basically in order to change the mail notifications language you should change the language of your Ecwid backend. Please, follow these steps:

  1. Switch your Ecwid Control Panel to another language using the Language drop-down it the the page footer.
  2. Go to Ecwid Control Panel → Settings → Mail.
  3. Click Edit next to the particular notification.
  4. Hit Revert to default link at the bottom of the page. Save the changes.
  5. Repeat this action for each notification template.

How to translate mail notifications to a new language

The notification template contains static text information and variables. If you want to translate the notification template to your language, you can change the texts manually:

  1. Open your Ecwid Control Panel → Settings → Mail.
  2. Click Edit next to the particular notification.
  3. The notification template in HTML format will open for editing.
  4. Alter the text in black whatever you like and save changes.

Keep in mind that if you change the text of the template, your customers will always receive notifications with this text. The messages will not be translated automatically.

Mail notification variables and order statuses translation

As for variables and order statuses, they are loaded from Ecwid servers. They are sent in the language your customer views the storefront in, if this language is enabled in your store.

You can translate order statuses locally in your store. Please, follow the instruction:

  1. Open your Ecwid Control Panel → Settings → Mail.
  2. Click Edit next to the particular notification.
  3. The notification template in HTML format will open for editing.
  4. Find the following variables:

order payment statuses:


order fulfillment statuses:

  1. Replace them with the following translation code:

order payment statuses:

<#if order.paymentStatus = 'Paid'> Pago

<#elseif order.paymentStatus = 'Awaiting Payment'> Aguardando Pagamento

<#elseif order.paymentStatus = 'Cancelled'> Cancelado

<#elseif order.paymentStatus = 'Refunded'> Reembolsado


order fulfillment statuses:

<#if order.fulfillmentStatus = 'Processing'> Processando

<#elseif order.fulfillmentStatus = 'Awaiting processing'> Aguardando Processamento

<#elseif order.fulfillmentStatus = 'Shipped'> Enviado

<#elseif order.fulfillmentStatus = 'Delivered'> Entregue

<#elseif order.fulfillmentStatus = 'Will not deliver'> Não será entregue

<#elseif order.fulfillmentStatus = 'Returned'> Devolvido


We translated order statuses to Portuguese in this example. Please, translate statuses to your language and alter the translation code.

  1. Remember to save changes after updating the HTML code in the notification template.


Can I use multiple email addresses for order notifications?

Yes, the store admin can receive order notifications to more than one email addresses. You can set it up in Ecwid Control Panel → Settings → Mail, Mail settings block. Click Change and add the addresses to the Send notifications to field. You should submit email addresses separated by comma.

All admin notifications will be sent out to the email addresses submitted in this field.

Can I change "From" address in admin notifications?

When the store administrator receives notification e-mails, the ‘From’ field is shown as At present there is no way to change this address.

However, if you would like to contact your customers quickly by email, you can do that easily right by replying to these notifications:

Each email contains a hidden field “reply to”, where e-mail address of the customer is set. If you click to reply to this notification, this very customer’s email address will be automatically put as a recipient email. This allows administrator to reply to the customer directly from the Ecwid notification message.

How to remove the 'on behalf of' message that shows for some recipients?

If your recipients use Outlook, Hotmail (and other Microsoft webmail services), or Gmail, they may see an indication in the email that it was sent by Postmark on your behalf instead of just your 'from' name and address. There is a way to completely remove the texts: ‘sent via postmark’ and ‘on behalf of’. You need to add an SPF record to your sending domain. To add the SPF record for your sending domains, you'll need to add records of type 'TXT' through your hosting provider, domain registrar, or DNS provider.