eCommerce: Checkout FAQs

This article will answer FAQs about checkout steps.

Is my Ecwid checkout secure?

When you use Ecwid, all sensitive information is sent via HTTPS secure protocol during checkout.

For detailed information check out the section about HTTPS and SSL for your Ecwid store.

My customers see pre-defined values in checkout fields. Why?

When a customer goes to checkout, Ecwid determines his/her country, city and zip code based on the IP address (we use MaxMind's GeoIP solution). These found values are automatically shown at checkout. Why it is a great feature:

  • In most cases, it helps the customer to check out faster(= more sales for you).
  • Your customers see estimated shipping and tax cost as soon as they open the cart page.

If you get incorrect pre-defined values, it means that the MaxMind databases don't have the correct value for your IP. In this case, please open this URL: If you see the correct values on that page, it means that the problem is already fixed in the newest MaxMind database and it will be fixed in the next Ecwid updates (we update our geo-IP databases monthly).

If you see incorrect values on that page, then please send a correction and MaxMind will fix the problem.

Will the customers see the countries I don't ship to at checkout?

Ecwid hides countries and states that you don’t ship to from the drop-down list at Shipping details page at checkout, meaning that your customers only see the available shipping destinations.

If you only ship within one country, the country drop-down will not appear at all – instead, your customers will see a message saying your store ships within that country. The same is true for the states/regions.

So, as long as you have shipping options and destination zones set up in your store settings, Ecwid will take care of displaying the right selection of countries/states at checkout.

Also, Ecwid detects the customer location by their IP address even before they go to checkout, which makes your store checkout smart – it knows the customer location and shipping cost even before the customers go to check out. When they do, they see the clean and straightforward checkout form that doesn’t distract the customers with unnecessary lists of countries and states you don’t ship to.

Why the checkout button is missing in my store?

If all payment methods are disabled in your store, then Ecwid doesn’t show the Checkout button. So in order to enable the button, please log in to Ecwid Control Panel → Payment page and enable at least one payment method. Please also refer to this article for the information on how to set up payment methods in your store: Payment options

I don't want to process orders online. Can I get notifications when my customers select products?

Yes, it is possible. How to implement this:

  • Disable all payment methods except Phone order.
  • Rename it to Place order for example. You can rename it by clicking its name.
  • Make sure that all your products do not have a weight assigned. In this case, Ecwid will omit the Shipping details checkout step.
  • Modify your mail notifications or disable them.

How can I offer free promotional goods?

It is a common practice to offer a free promotional product to attract customers, especially if you sell intangible goods, such as music, books, etc.

In order to make such promotions more efficient and convenient for you and your customers, you can use the "If payment method selection is skipped, set order status to" option. This can be enabled in your Ecwid Control Panel → Settings → General → Cart & Checkout page, Checkout Settings section. If this option is enabled and the order total is zero, Ecwid will skip the payment method selection.


I don't want to ask for the billing address at checkout. Can I disable it?

Yes, it's possible to disable billing address at checkout so that your customer will not need to enter it. To do so, just disable the corresponding option in your Ecwid Control Panel → Settings → General → Cart & Checkout, scroll to Checkout Settings, select Ask for a billing address during checkout