How To Set Up a Blog in 5 Easy Steps

We’ve transformed our blog feature to make it smarter, faster and more flexible. Enjoy the ease of being able to quickly adjust the layout for all posts at once, combined with the freedom of being able to customize the look of each individual post.

The Layout Mode is your design center. We’ve connected the post’s main components (title, etc.) to the design elements to give all current and future posts a similar look. You have the ability to modify at any time.

The Post Mode is where you write and customize your post. Editing a blog is just like editing a page, and your words will stay put while you add widgets and unique design elements.

1. Open the blog menu and give your blog a name.  

The Blog panel on the left menu is where you set up your blog and manage all posts and settings. You can always change the name later.

2. Set the design in Layout Mode.

Click on Edit Layout to get started. You can add sections and widgets for images, text, video, recent posts – any widget in the library can be added to the post page in Layout Mode and everything that you add will appear in all posts.

Widgets for post title, author and background image are already set by default and will display once you create a post.

3. Create a post. 

Select + New Post and give the post a title, author and background image. Add text, images, videos - the possibilities are endless. As in Layout Mode, any widget can be added to your post.

4. Preview.

Click on preview from the top menu bar, or from Manage Posts, to make sure your post looks perfect on all devices.   

5. Publish! 

Publish posts from Manage Posts, Post Settings or the top menu bar. Republish your site to see your blog for the first time, or if edits have been made in layout mode.

  • Learn more - The Blog Guide will give you a deep dive into the new Duda Blog.


This article is for new blogs created after 3/17/19. Find help with the old blog version here.