Blog FAQ

How does the new blog work exactly?

The new version of the blog combines two modes –– Layout Mode for design and Post Mode for content. These modes work together to provide ease and flexibility. Layout Mode allows you to create the overall design of your blog and Post Mode makes it simple to create unique content.


What is Layout Mode?

Layout Mode creates a consistent look for all posts –– both current and future. The Layout Mode is your design center. Here, the post’s main components (title, etc.) are connected to the design elements you want to set (layout, etc.) to give all current and future posts a similar look.


What is Post Mode?

Post Mode represents flexible content. In Post Mode you can write and customize individual posts without breaking the layout. The Post Mode is where you write and customize your post. Editing a blog is just like editing a page, and your words will stay put while you add widgets and unique design elements.


What is the post placeholder?

The post placeholder holds the content of your post in a fixed container, so all posts have the same structure. That being said, you can add columns, inner rows and widgets to the placeholder each time you post so your content is distinctive and unique.


Why can’t I add a section to the post placeholder?

The post placeholder is built using inner rows.  Therefor sections cannot be added.


Why are the title, author and image set when I create a new post?

These elements have been added to the page by default so you can get started quickly. You can change their design in Layout Mode, or connect the elements to other content –– display a post date instead of an author for example.  You can also change them for each post. You must have a post title, but you can choose to have no author or different authors and each post can have a unique background image.


I don’t like the default design for the post title on my template, how do I change it?

You can change the design of the post title or author in Layout Mode.  Design changes will affect all posts.


Can I connect another text widget to the title or author?

Yes, you can add a connection by clicking on the widget and using the context menu.  Select connect to data and choose a connection.


Is the blog set up for SEO?

Just like the entire Duda platform, the blog is fully SEO compliant. You can optimize blog content for viewing from search engines with editing for metatags and post URLs.


I have a lot of posts –– how do I keep track of them?

It is very easy to keep track of posts with the dashboard. You can search for posts or view by status.  More post information is displayed like author, date, title, image, status and URL.


How do I change the main image for my post?  

To change the main image, click on the image and follow the instructions in the popup window.


Can I use any image for the background image?

Yes, any image can be used for the background image.


Can I have a different thumbnail image than the one I use for my main image?

Yes, you can set both images in post settings.


Can I connect any Text widget to the title and author.

Yes, any Text widget can display title and author.


How do I unpublish a post?

To unpublish a post, click the gear icon next to the post title on the dashboard and then click  unpublish.


Why are some of my posts not showing up in my site?

Posts must be published in order to see them on your site.


I made changes to the layout but I don’t see them on my site - why not?

To see changes that you've made in Layout Mode on your site, you must republish the site.


Can I change my blog name?

Yes. Click on Blog Settings to change the blog name.


Can I delete a post?

If you want to completely delete a post, click on the trash can next to the post name on the dashboard. You can also unpublish a post and it will become a draft.


What does the blue icon on an element mean?

The blue icon is the symbol for Connected Data everywhere on your site –– including in the blog. It means the element is connected to data such as the post title, author and background image.


Who can be a post author?

Users who have access to the site will be displayed in the dropdown menu, or you can add a name in the text field. You can also choose no author.

 How do I add tags to my posts?

Click on the settings gear next to the post name on the dashboard. Scroll to Post Metadata to add tags.

Can I use the new blog editor with a blog I previously created?

Currently, this editor is only available for new blogs. We’re working hard to bring you even more capabilities including moving your old blog to a new one.

How can I tell which version I am using?

Go here to see screenshots of the different versions.

Can I add some of the blog widgets like the All Post widget to a site page?

Yes, you can use the blog widgets in both the blog and on your site.


Can I access Dev Mode in the blog editor?

No, there is no access to Dev Mode for the blog.


Is Site Comments available with the blog?

Yes, Site Comments is available in Post Mode.