Add Audio widget

Share songs, podcasts, concerts, audio tutorials and any other audio files on your site with the Audio widget, which enables you to embed any SoundCloud or Mixcloud audio file or playlist directly to your site. Simply upload your audio file to one of these services, or use an existing public file, copy the link, and add it to your site via the Audio widget.


1. Pick an existing file or upload your own file to SoundCloud and Mixcloud and copy its link.

2. Drag & drop the Audio widget anywhere on your page. To learn more about adding widgets to your website, see Adding Widgets.

3. Paste the Soundcloud or Mixcloud URL in the window.


4. You have different design options for each service.

  • If you are using Mixcloud, you will have layout, thumbnail display, light/dark color scheme and sizing options.


  • If you are using SoundCloud, you will have layout, play icon color and sizing options.



Layout options are different for SoundCloud and Mixcloud files. If you want to keep the designs consistent between all instances of audio widgets on your site, make sure to load all audio files on the same platform.