Edit multi-image widgets on mobile: Image slider/Photo gallery

Similar to editing your (single) Image widget, mobile version of the editor allows you to manage items in Image Slider or Photo Gallery. You can add or remove the image items and modify the associated text and buttons per gallery/slider item.

Images editing menu

To access Images Editing menu, tap on the image and pick the “Edit” option from a pop-up menu that opens.


The window that opens gives you the opportunity to work with each or all of the items in the widget.

Customizing single items

Add an Item

To add an item to your Gallery/Slider open Images Editing Menu and tap on the white plus icon or at the “+ Image” box.


Tapping on either of these will trigger the opening of image picker menu. You can find out more about the Image picker available for the mobile version of the editor here.

Edit an Item

To edit the options of the already existing items, tap on the thumbnail of the item you want to edit in the Images Editing Menu. The options available for editing on mobile devices include Image, Text and Button editing.

Replacing an image on your site

To replace the item in an existing gallery/slider item widget, open gallery/slider editing menu and tap on the thumbnail of the image you would like to replace in the menu.


Tapping on the thumbnail will take you to the Image Picker, where you can pick a replacement for the old image. You can read more about the version of Image Picker available for the mobile version of the editor and the choice option available for picking and uploading images when editing your site on mobile devices here.

Changing alt text on an image

Alt text is an important property of the images on your site that helps search engines recognize and process image content of your site.

You can use alt text window of item Image Editing menu to make changes in the description of the image. To do that, tap on the alt text window and fill in, edit, replace or remove the alt text of the image:


Edit Gallery/Slider item Text

In the Title or Slider Caption field you can add, edit or remove the title and caption of the slide.


You can also choose whether you want the title and caption to be visible on the widget or not by tapping on the eye icon next to the corresponding field.


Edit Gallery/Slider item Button

By tapping on the Button text field you can edit or replace the text on the button appearing on the slider.


Tapping on the eye icon next to the Button field will allow you to hide or unhide the button from the item.


Remove the item

Tapping on the Remove Item tab at the bottom of Image settings menu will remove the entire item from the gallery/slider (i.e. the image, its associated text and button will be removed).


Manage multiple gallery/slider items

Reorder Items

Long-press the item in the gallery and then just drag and drop the items in the order that you need.


Delete multiple gallery slider/items

To delete several items at the same time, open Images Editing Menu and tap Manage:


You can then click on the red x icon on the images you want deleted and tap Done to exit Manage images mode.



  • You cannot delete the last item the gallery, since this would result in an empty widget.