eCommerce: How Do I Configure Tax Settings In My Store


Use the Taxes tab in System Settings to set the tax settings for your store, or set the tax for an individual item in the product menu.

Creating a tax

To create a new tax:

  1. From your eCommerce Store Control Panel, click Settings, then click Taxes.
  2. Select between the automatic tax and manual tax options. In order to use the Automatic Taxes option, you must have or upgrade to a Professional plan. To customize your own taxes, click Manage Tax Rates.
  3. If you choose to manage your own tax rates, click the New Tax button to set up a new tax.
  4. Name your tax, select whether it applies to subtotal or subtotal + shipping, set whether you wish your tax to be included in product prices, and define the zone (use the Zone menu to set up zones) to which your tax is applied.
  5. Set the rate (a percentage of the cost of the product) of the tax.

Setting product's tax rate

To set a product's individual tax:

  1. From your eCommerce Store Control Panel, click Catalog, then Products.
  2. Select the name of the product for which you wish to add tax.
  3. Press the Tax and Shipping tab.
  4. Enter the tax rate you would like to use for this product.