Add Business Hours


The business hours widget displays the days and times your business is open. This widget is particularly useful for making sure your customers can easily find out when to contact or visit your business, ensuring that you don't lose any potential customers due to a misunderstanding about when you'll be available.


Add the business hours widget to your Website Builder. To learn more about adding widgets to your Website, see Adding Widgets.

Once you add a business hours widget to your Site, we'll automatically try to find your business hours and add them to your Site. If you'd like to change the hours, right-click the widget and click "Edit Content".

Building your business hours online

  1. First, select the Online option in the business hours widget.businesshours1_en-US.png
  2. Then enter the name of your business or your business's phone number in the search box.businesshours2_en-US.png
  3. Select your business from the dropdown list.
  4. Click Edit Business Hours to make any changes if the automatic import tool doesn't find the right hours.


Building your own business hours

  1. First, select the Build Your Own option in the business hours widget.businesshours4_en-US.png
  2. From the resulting menu, select whichever day or days you'd like to set hours for and select the appropriate hours from the dropdown.businesshours5_en-US.png
  3. To set multiple hour ranges in a single day, click the blue "Add Hours" button. businesshours6_en-US.png
  4. Click "Set Special Days and Holidays" to add exceptions to your business hours or to make customers aware of different hours on those days.businesshours7_en-US.png

Advanced Options

Further down the menu when building your own business hours, you can see a few more options:

  • Start Week On: Set what calendar day your business week starts on.


  • Use 24-hour clock: Toggles between a 12-hour AM/PM clock and a 24-hour clock.


  • Combine days with identical opening hours: If multiple consecutive days in your workweek have identical business hours, this option will push them together so that they appear on the same line.
  • Title: Choose a title to display above your business hours (or hide it by clicking the eye icon).


Open the Design Editor by clicking the design tab on the top left corner or by right-clicking the widget and selecting 'Edit Design' to change the items, frame, and spacing.


Edit the design of the items, such as font, size and color, in the item section. Make changes to the background and border styles in the frame section. Customize the inner and outer spacing in the spacing section.


  • To learn more about editing widgets, check out our guide on Editing Widgets.