Customize Background


Customize the background of your Website by choosing a color or image. Match the theme of your business by using eye-catching and creative backgrounds. Choose a custom background image from the photo gallery or upload your own images to add a unique Website design. Your background can be customized per device.


Site Background

Click Design on the left menu. Then click Site Background.


Click "Background for all pages".


Here you can select an image or color for all of the pages on your Site.

Background Per Page

Click Design on the left menu. Click Site Background.


Click "Background per page".

Here you can select an image or color for any of your pages with the provided dropdown menu.


Images & Content Background

The background of items above the Site background can also be changed. These setting can apply to widgets as well as rows.

To edit the background of your content, select the widget by right-clicking and click Edit Design.


Depending on the widget or row you are editing, you can then select to use a color or image.


For any row or column, you can also add an image slider as a background.


To create the background image slider, click on the + sign and select multiple images rather than a single image from the image picker.

Once the slider is created, you can set slide settings such as slide transition style and slide speed from the row design menu:


Any of the other background image options such as Background Overlay, Positioning, and display style can be applied to the slider.

Video Backgrounds in Rows

In the case of rows, a third option for video backgrounds will be available in addition to images and colors.

Videos can only be displayed on desktop Sites, and must be hosted on Vimeo or YouTube.



Videos are also available in backgrounds for columns as well. To add a video background to a column, click the column, then click the video tab. Make sure that you have selected the column instead of the row. To check if you have selected the row, you can check the top of the menu, which should say "Column Design".