Pull and Import Content


Use the Pull and Import Content feature to import content for specific widgets, like a paragraph of text, from another Website. Build Sites faster by quickly pulling in headlines or descriptions from your client's original Site directly into the Website Builder.


Right click on a paragraph or title widget. Navigate to "Pull Content".


After navigating to Pull and Import Content, a web browser will appear in the window. Enter a Website URL into the address bar. 


The Website option allows users to see all text, pictures and other media on the Website.


The Text only option allows users to see only the plain text. 


In order to pull text or images from the Website, hover over the image or paragraph to highlight the selected area. Left click the highlighted area to access the menu, which will appear on the top left corner of the highlighted section. pullandimportcontent_5_en-US.png

To expand the highlighted area to cover more content in the browser, use the left button.   

To compress the highlighted area, use the middle button.   

To pull the highlighted content, click the 'Use This' button. 


The highlighted content will be transferred and replicated onto the paragraph or title widget.



Keep in mind that using text and pictures from other sources may be an infringement of copyright laws, depending on the material used. It is important to ask for permission and give credit to creators when using their content.