Copy and Paste


Creating your Website takes time and dedication. You can make this process easier and more efficient by using the Copy and Paste feature. Copy elements and rows in your Website, then paste these duplicates in order to create identical rows or elements for your Site.


Move your cursor over a widget to select it. Copy by right-clicking the widget and clicking Copy. copyandpaste_1_en-US.png

Right-click the area you want to paste and click Paste to insert the widget into the row. The new duplicate widget will appear above the currently selected widget. copyandpaste_2_en-US.png

To copy and paste a column, right click to open the column widget menu and select Copy.copyandpaste_3_en-US.png

Open the Row menu to paste the column into a row. You can paste the column into any row on your Site, including the header or footer. Please be advised that you can only paste up to four columns into any one row. copyandpaste_4_en-US.png


Can I copy widgets or pages from one Site to another?

No, this is not possible in the Website Builder.


You can copy and paste using keyboard shortcuts. To copy, use CTRL-C (Command-C on Mac).  To paste, use CTRL-V (Command-V on Mac).