eCommerce: Using Customer Groups

Many shop owners create memberships for customers to give them a "thank you" for being loyal and thus keeping them as clients and encouraging them to buy more. One of the most used ways is discounts.

If you want to provide discounts to certain customers, Ecwid gives you that option with the customer groups feature.

This video shows how to manage Customer groups in your Ecwid store.

What is a customer group?

Customer Groups allow you to group/categorize your customers. A customer group is sort of a label that you can assign to customers and thus grouping them under certain criteria:

  • VIP
  • wholesaler
  • repeat customer
  • friends and family etc. 

Create a group you like, associate your customers with it and provide special discounts for them.

How to create a customer group

Customer Groups are managed in Ecwid control panel → Settings → Customer Groups:


Click on "New customer group" to add a new group.  If you don't need a group any more, click on the red cross to remove it.

How to assign customer to a group?

You can view to which groups your customers belong and assign customers to groups in Ecwid control panel → Settings → Customer Groups. By default, all customers are assigned to the general group, which indicates that this customer does not have any groups. These customers have "-" in the "Customer group" column.

To assign a customer to a group:

  1. Go to the Ecwid control panel → My sales → Customers.
  2. Find the customer by email or name.
  3. Click on the "-" sign in the Customer group column and select the group:

  4. Click "Save".

Customers can see the group that they belong to in the My account page in the storefront:


Discounts for customer groups

Now that you have added a customer group, you can create discounts for these customers: go to your Ecwid Control Panel → Marketing → Discounts.

You have three variants of discounts at your choice:  

  • Based on Subtotal: global % or flat rate discount offered to all customers, based on the subtotal (the amount to which customer buys)
  • Based on Customer Groups:  % or flat rate discounts that only specified customer groups will receive
  • Based on Customer Groups and Subtotal: % or flat rate discounts provided to certain customer group and depending on order subtotal



Example use

Let's say you sell to regular customers as well as to wholesalers. Wholesalers need to receive discounts depending on how much they buy.  You can set it up either with use of bulk discount pricing  or discounts for customer groups.  Your steps to configure the discounts would be thus:

  • In Ecwid control panel → Settings → Customer Groups, create a customer group "Wholesalers"
  • Under "Customers", find your wholesale customers and assign them to this group as instructed above
  • Go to Marketing → Discounts and create discounts "Based on Customer Groups and Subtotal"