Countdown Widget


Increase engagement and create a sense of excitement with the cool new Countdown widget that enables you to add real-time countdown to your site. Use it to keep visitors informed, build interest and encourage them to take action by letting them know when a sale, event or promotion is going to end or when a new product, collection or page is going to launch.



  1. Add the Countdown widget anywhere on your page. To learn more about adding widgets to your website, see Adding Widgets.

  2. Use the Content Tab to:

  • Set the date and time the countdown ends
  • Add a countdown message that will appear when the countdown ends
  • Set how the end message will display
  • Add a title to the counter 

3. Use the Design Tab to choose from several design layouts. You can customise:

  • Style
    • Size
    • Space between items
    • Background colours / dividers / round corners
  • Text
  • Numbers
    • Labels
    • Title
  • Frame style

Take a look at these examples of how the countdown widget can add value to your sites.






Things to consider

Make sure the design settings you define are correct per device. As usual, settings such as spacing (of the whole widget and individual items), width and more are defined per device. You can read more about it in our Edit by Device article.

Make sure to set the timezone.