Add a Copyright Widget


The Copyright widget allows you to place a copyright disclaimer with the copyright icon and current year on your site. The year will automatically update to the current year, and by displaying the correct copyright year it shows your visitors that your site is up to date. Almost every website has a copyright notice which gives basic information about the site.


  1. Drag & drop the Copyright widget anywhere on your page. To learn more about adding widgets to your website, see Adding Widgets.
  2. Adding the widget will open the content editing menu. In this menu, you can add or modify the fields of the widget.

    The content editing menu provides the option to choose what text you would like to have the widget display through a rich text editor.

    In addition, you may choose to have the year and copyright icon appear to the left or the right of the text.

  3. The design editing menu lets you control the styling of the Copyright widget.

In the design editing menu of your Copyright widget, you can:

  • Select the font and colour settings for the text
  • Adjust alignment and text direction
  • Edit the spacing of the widget