Preview and Publish


To preview your website on various devices, there’s no need to publish it. Just click the Preview button on the top bar to enter Preview Mode. There you can view the website how a user would see it on a desktop computer or laptop, on a tablet, or on a smartphone. Click on the corresponding symbol to switch between the devices.

To make your website visible online to users and to search engines, you must publish it by clicking the Publish button in the top-right corner of the editor. Any changes you make to your website after publishing will only be visible online after you click the same button again to republish.


To enter Preview Mode, click the Preview button on the top bar.


Once in Preview Mode, you can switch between devices (desktop/laptop, tablet, smartphone) by clicking on the corresponding symbol. The last button allows you to view your website on all the devices side by side.


In the mobile view, you can choose to preview your website either on an iPhone, an Android phone or a Windows phone by clicking on the corresponding symbol.


You can also preview your website in landscape mode on each mobile device by clicking on the rotating arrow symbol. Click this symbol again to return to portrait mode.


If you’re not yet satisfied with your website and would like to make some additional changes, just click ‘Back to editor’ to exit Preview Mode and return to the editor.


If you’re happy with your website and are ready to make it visible online, click the Publish button.


Preview a personalisation rule

If you have personalisation rules set up, you can select a rule in Preview Mode to see how your website will look like with that rule activated.

  1. Click ‘Select rule’ on the top bar.
  2. Click on the rule you want to preview from the drop-down menu.
  3. Now you can see what the user will see when the trigger conditions of the personalisation rule are met and its action occurs.

Publish your Website

You can access your website via the editor and view it in Preview Mode, but to make your website live so that it’s available online for visitors and search engines, it must be published. To learn more about publishing a website, editing a live website, and managing website backups, continue reading.

How to publish your website

To make your website visible online to users and to search engines, you must publish it. To do this, click Publish in the top-right corner of the editor.

After a website is published, any changes that you make to it, with the exception of store and blog updates, will be visible online only after you click the same button again to republish. Changes you make in your store or to your blog are live right away.

What happens when a website is published?

  • When you click Publish, an XML sitemap is created for your website and is auto-submitted to search engines such as Google and Bing, with the limitation of one submission per day. A sitemap lists all the URLs for your website, including eCommerce category pages and product URLs. To access your website’s sitemap, open your published URL and add sitemap.xml to the end of it (for example, To keep your website private, select the No Index option in the page settings of every page.
  • Every time you click Publish, our system creates a backup of your website. The system can only hold up to 20 automated backups per website, so if you want to make sure an existing website backup isn’t overridden by a newer automated backup, create a manual backup of your website. You can make up to 10 manual backups per website.