Browser Compatibility

Supported browsers

Desktop version of the editor

Desktop version of the editor is officially supported in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari.

As of May 2018, the editor is no longer supported in IE11.

  • You can still access the editor in IE11, however we cannot guarantee a smooth experience. Any editor bugs that appear only in IE11 will not be fixed.
  • Users attempting to open the editor in IE11 will see the following notification: “This browser is not officially supported. To improve your experience, we recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge. Learn more”
  • This has no effect on your live sites: they will still function and be accessible in the IE 11 as they do on other browsers.

Mobile version of the editor

The mobile version of the editor is officially supported in Google Chrome and Safari.

Updating your browser

Please note that we only support the latest version of every supported browser.

If an issue you are experiencing in a certain browser cannot be replicated in a different browser, make sure the main browser you are working with has been updated to the latest version.

Things to consider

  • Display may vary between browsers. For example, fonts do not always render in the same way between browsers. This is not something that can be controlled inside your editor and has to do with the ways browsers function.
  • Beta versions of supported browsers are not supported.
  • If there are issues with the editor in a certain browser, make sure they aren't caused by extensions that have been installed in the browsers.
  • In order for editor to function properly in the browser, JavaScript must be enabled.