eCommerce: Add Discount Coupons

How to create a discount coupon

1. Go to the eCommerce Store Control Panel

2. Open the Promotions  → Discount Coupons page.

3. Click the "New coupon" button. Fill in the necessary fields and click "Save".

Coupon options

Name: add a coupon name for your convenience. Only a store owner can see it.

Code: you can use the "generate" link to create a random code or insert your own code. For example "christmas_coupon". Code is case-insensitive. Your customers will use a code to receive a discount. It can be:

  • Free shipping
  • Absolute discount (e.g. $5 off)
  • Percent discount (e.g. 10% off)

Coupon limits

Date limits

  • Valid from date — the date when the coupon starts to work.
  • Valid until date — the date of coupon expiration.


  • All orders — coupon will be applied to all orders regardless of their totals.
  • Orders over $N — coupon will be applied only to orders the totals of which are greater than $N.

Number of uses:

  • Unlimited — no limits. Each customer can apply the coupon multiple times.
  • Once per customer — each customer can apply a coupon only once per e-mail, however the coupon can be applied multiple times. (also, a customer can place two orders with the coupon if they specify a different email addresses).
  • Single use — coupon can be applied only once.


  • All — no limits by customer type.
  • Repeat customers only — only customers with existing successful orders can apply such coupon.

Products and categories

Select one or several products and/or categories a coupon can be applied for.


When is the 'Apply a coupon' field displayed on the basket page?

We will show the "Apply a coupon" field on a basket page if your store has at least one enabled coupon.

What does the discount coupon apply to? 

Discount coupons apply to the order subtotal (sum of items prices for all items in this order without taxes), a discount doesn't apply to shipping cost. The total discount cannot be more than a subtotal.

Is it possible to create a gift card (gift certificate) in StoreFront? 

A single-use discount coupon can be used as a gift card (to some extent) - a customer who has a promotion code can apply the coupon and get a discount. Also, if you set a 100% discount for a coupon, an order will in fact be free of charge for the customer, you can use it for either attracting new customers or offering a reward to regular ones.


Please remember that discount coupons apply to the order subtotal (sum of item prices for all items in an order). A discount doesn't apply to shipping costs. So if you charge your customers for shipping, a 'gift card' 100% coupon won't cover the costs of shipping. If you decide to use a 100% discount, you will need to enable the 'Skip payment method selection, if the order total is zero' option in order to prevent warning messages caused by the fact that most of the online payment gateways don’t allow orders with zero total.

My customers get a warning saying they cannot pay for a zero-total order, when a discount is more than or equal to the order total. How can I fix that?

This warning is displayed when a customer tries to pay with an online payment method for a zero-total order, because most of the online payment gateways don’t allow orders with a zero total. In order to fix that, you will need to enable the 'Skip payment method selection if the order total is zero' option in your control panel.