Selecting Button Icons


Choose from our font-icon collection to decorate your buttons or navigation menu. Icons make it easier for visitors to identify buttons without needing to read their labels. Icons can be coloured and combined with text to make unique buttons that will attract visitors' attention.


Click the button widget to bring up the Context menu.

Click the Design tab to bring up the Design Editor.


Scroll down to the Style section. Make sure the Show Icon option is turned on. buttonicons2_en-US.png

Click the Choose Icon button to bring up the Icon Picker.


From the Icon Picker dialogue, click an icon to add it to your button or navigation. buttonicons4_en-US.png

To find the icon you're looking for more easily, type in a subject or name you'd like to find an icon for or use the dropdown.buttonicons5_en-US.png

Things to consider

Only some button or navigation layouts support icons. Try various button styles to achieve your desired look.