Personalisation Rules


Our Personalisation tools work on a system of triggers and actions. When the conditions of a trigger are met an action occurs that personalises the Website for that visitor. Use Personalisation to create 1-to-1 conversion driving experiences for Website visitors based on time of day, device type, geolocation and more.

Personalisation Triggers

Triggers allow you to define a set of conditions that, when met, execute a specific action on your Site automatically. Combine a variety of triggers like time, device-type or location to create a very customised experience for your Site's visitors.


Choosing a Trigger

You can choose one or more of the following triggers:

  • Device: Which device a user is visiting from (desktop, tablet or mobile)
  • Location: What location a user is visiting from 
  • Time: What time / date the user is visiting on
  • Visits: The number of times the user has visited
  • Campaign URL: Whether the user gets to the Site from a specific URL you set
  • No trigger: This rule will always be active

Note: Rules will only trigger for the same user once every 30 minutes, or until they clear their browser cache, even if that user still meets the trigger requirements.

Personalisation Actions

Actions allow you to personalise your visitor's experience, lead them to information they may have missed previously or present them with opportunities to help complete a sale or get them to visit.

Action types

New Row: Creates a new row in your Site which displays only when the conditions for the trigger are met. You can also use this to hide rows or content. 


Notification Bar: Triggers a notification bar at the top of the page.personalization3_en-US.png

Popup: Triggers a popup to display on your Site, grabbing your user's attention.personalization4_en-US.png

JavaScript: Custom JavaScript can create a huge variety of effects. We recommend this feature for only advanced users familiar with JavaScript. We cannot troubleshoot custom code.personalization5_en-US.png

Special Effects: Special effects are a variety of decorative effects, like fireworks, falling hearts or snowflakes, which can give your Site a different mood. Add this to your homepage or to the entire Site.personalization6_en-US.png

Rule Editing Mode

When you use the new row action, you will enter 'Rule Editing Mode' in the Responsive Editor.


This is a special mode where you can only edit the new row created by this action. However, you can also:

  • Move this row up and down the page by clicking the 'Row' button in the upper left of the row and clicking the up and down arrows.personalization8_en-US.png
  • Hide other rows on the page by clicking the eye icon.personalization9_en-US.png
  • View the Personalisation Rule in different views so that you can be sure it will look how you want it to on different devices.personalization10_en-US.png

Special Effects

Personalisation Rule special effects add animations to your Website; for example, floating hearts or falling leaves. Use these special effects to celebrate events or add a touch of colour.


Choosing a special effect

Click on the special effect you'd like to select.

Click the magnifying glass icon to get a quick preview of what the effect looks like.personalization12_en-US.png

Effect Settings

  • Toggle whether the effect displays on the home page or all pages.
  • Set for how many seconds the effect should play (or whether it should play forever).


Build your own Personalisation Rules

You can build your own personalisation rules from scratch. Select and customise the triggers and actions for your personalisation rule instead of selecting a pre-made rule.  

  1. Click Personalise in the left menu bar.
  2. Click "Build your own".
  3. Select one or more triggers. Each trigger defines a condition under which the associated action will take place.
  4. Customise the trigger(s) you have selected.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select an action. You can only use one action per personalisation rule.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Customise the action you selected. Click next.personalization19_en-US.png
  9. Preview and save your rule. Click Preview to see what your Site will look like with the rule activated (click the back button in the top right of the Site to get back to the Rule Editor).personalization20_en-US.png
  10. When the rule is customised, give it a unique name then click Save Rule.personalization21_en-US.png

Once you publish/republish your Site the rule will be activated.  When someone visits the Site and the trigger conditions are met, your selected action will appear for that visitor automatically.

Personalisation Rule Priority

While you can have multiple personalisation rules on your Site at one time, only one of each action can be active at the same time. Understanding rule priority will help you understand how your Responsive Site decides which action to take. If two rules with the same action type are both triggered at the same time, on the same page, whichever is listed highest on the list of rules will take effect. personalization22_en-US.png

Different actions

Two rules with different actions can display at the same time. For example, if one rule creates a notification bar and the other a row and both trigger at the same time, both the notification bar and row will appear.

Different pages

Two rules with the same action can display at the same time so long as they are on different pages. Only duplicate actions on the same page will not display.

Managing Personalisation Rules 

Editing Rules

Edit a rule by clicking the gear icon to the right of the rule name, then clicking Edit and picking whether you'd like to edit the action or the trigger.personalization23_en-US.png

Activate / Deactivate Rules

You can easily activate and deactivate your rules by clicking the gear icon next to a rule and selecting the "activate/deactivate" option.personalization24_en-US.png

Deleting Rules

Delete a rule by clicking the gear icon to the right of the rule name, then click Delete.personalization25_en-US.png

Things to consider

You will need to republish your Website for changes made to your personalisation rules to be reflected on the live Website.