Manage Import & Content


Provides a place to store and retrieve images, files and information for your Website. The Images & Content section makes adding new images and accessing existing images, files and information faster.


Importing Content

To import your own content onto the Website, click the Import content button.  Enter your Site URL or Facebook page and click Import.


Managing images

Choose existing images in the Photo Gallery or add new custom images by clicking the Upload New Image button. importandcontent2_en-US.png

Managing files

Click Upload New File to upload a file. When panning over the file with the cursor, a grey X button will appear in the top right corner. You can delete files using this button.importandcontent3_en-US.png


Business Information

Use the Business Information in order to add or edit information about your business related to your Site.  You can choose to enter one or more of the following:

  • phone number(s)
  • email address(es)
  • addresses
  • Facebook account

This information will be used in relevant widgets automatically.importandcontent5_en-US.png

Adding a Facebook Profile

When entering your Facebook URL in the URL section, make sure to use the proper Facebook ID for your page: + ID of the page


Finding your Facebook Page ID 

If you have a page similar to this: then the Page ID is Psychic-Deja-Vu. The import link should be:  

If you have a page similar to this: then the Page ID is the number 445895745450343. The import link should be:

If you have a page similar to this: then the Page ID is the number at the end, which is 445895745450343. The import link should be:

Business Profile

Give more information about your business to Website visitors. Describe your business goals and explain why customers should use your products or services. Enter one or more paragraphs of information, for example:

  • About Us
  • Company Overview

You can later reference when building your Site.importandcontent7_en-US.png

Find and Replace

This tool lets you search your Site automatically for certain addresses, phone numbers, emails and social media options and replace them when you need to update them.importandcontent8_en-US.png

Things to consider

The Import Content tool will not always be able to import all of the content on a Site; it's limited by what our robots are able to see.

Changes made to specific widgets on the Site will override content added to the Content menu.