Using the Colour Picker


The Colours Menu allows you to select colours for a widget or background. You can select a colour from the colour panel or enter a hexadecimal colour value. Keeping your colour scheme consistent helps to maintain a professional look and feel on your Site.


Recent colours

When picking a colour, the recent colours menu shows a sample of colours that were recently used in your Site. This allows you to pick colours that are already on your Site quickly.


Choose another colour

Select a colour's hue using the vertical colour gradient on the right or the colour panel. Alternatively, you can enter the hexadecimal value of the colour you want in text box below the vertical colour gradient.



The opacity slider determines the transparency of an element. Keep in mind that as you reduce an element's opacity, whatever is behind it (background image or colour) will begin to blend with that element.



Can I use RGB values for my colours?

Yes, you can! Change the RGB values using the RGB box.