Home Screen Icon or Favicon


Home screen icons, share images, favicons and startup images allow you to customise, brand and polish your user's experience on the Website as well as make it easier for a visitor to pick your Website out from a bunch of tabs or links on their home screen. If you are confused about what icons, share images, favicons or start-up images are, please see below.


Edit your Site icons by clicking Settings in the left menu, then clicking Site Icons and clicking the image button to the right of the menu.



Your favicon appears next to your page title in the tab of your browser.homescreenicon2_en-US.png

Social Networks Share Image

This is the image designated to display on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks when sharing your Website.homescreenicon3_en-US.png

Home Screen Icon

Appears on iPhone and iPad devices when your Site is bookmarked on the home screen. This image should be a square and at least 57 x 57 pixels in size.homescreenicon4_en-US.png

Startup Image

This image appears as a splash screen when a visitor opens your Site by clicking on their home screen icon. This image must be 640x1096 pixels exactly. We recommend .png image files for this.homescreenicon5_en-US.png

Things to consider

Make sure sure you republish your Website after adding or changing any of the Site icons. You may need to refresh the page or clear the cache in order to see the icon changes.