eCommerce: Customise Store Design


The Website Builder allows you to choose the widgets and layout of your e-commerce store. By customising the design and layout of your store, you can improve the presentation of your products.


Editing store widgets

To move or delete store widgets on any page of your Website, just click and drag them like any other widget in the Website Builder. You can add new store widget by clicking Store on the left menu, then clicking "Add store widgets". You can customise the individual widget by clicking or right-clicking and selecting "Edit Design".


Editing Store Design

The store design can be edited using the Global Design settings in the Design tab or by clicking the store widget to access specific designing options. To access the design editor, right-click the store widget and click the Edit Design option.

Note: we have deployed a new store design update. You have the option to update your store's Design Editor or continue to use the old store design settings. If you choose to update the widget, a backup of the site will be created automatically. This update will only change the store Design Editor; it will not change any features in your store.storeupdate1_en-US.png


Set the initial screen for the store widget in the General section of the Design Editor. You can choose to set the main store or one of your categories to display as the first page of your store widget. 


Categories and Products

The Design Editor allows you to edit the layout of the Categories and Products page. You can change text styling for the different areas of text, such as category/product titles, price and SKU. The spacing between items and element behaviour (hover effects) as well as the number of products displayed on a page can be toggled in this menu.


Single Products Page

The Design Editor also lets you edit elements on the single product pages. Change the padding and alignment as well as change primary and secondary button design options. Changes made to the primary or secondary buttons will affect all store pages. Click the “More design options” link to add more controllers to elements on the product pages such as adding SKUs in-stock labels and breadcrumbs or changing text styles.

Note: the hover background colour and frame colour cannot be changed from white.storeupdate3_en-US.png

Search Results Page

Change the search result page layout using the drop-down menu.storeupdate4_en-US.png

Store Footer

Enable the store footer to show fixed elements on the store page, such as the shopping cart button and the sign in button. This footer will only appear on the store page and will not affect the site footer. 

Note: the store footer design cannot be customised.storeupdate5_en-US.png

Things to consider

Is my store design editor the new one?

If your store has been created after 24 September 2017 or if you have updated the widget already, you will have access to the new design editor.

What if I don’t want to update my widget?

You do not have to update your widget. You will be able to edit your widget using the previous widget editor as well.

What if I reload a backup or use the undo feature?

If you reload a backup or undo while editing an existing store, you will need to re-update the widget. Keep in mind that if you do choose to update a store's design editor, a site backup will be created automatically. 

How can I change the text on my store buttons and labels?

Unfortunately, there is no way to change this in the Website Builder.