Editing Widgets


Widgets are the building blocks of your Website. The Website Builder lets you quickly customise these to your taste, giving you control over the appearance and layout of your Site. Editing widgets also allows you greater control over what features your Website has and how these features behave. Whether you're looking to capture leads, lead visitors from page to page, show off images you're proud of or put an important message in a paragraph, widgets can help you out.


To edit a widget, move your cursor over it and click, or right-click to see the widget's context menu. Every widget has different options but a few are common to almost every widget:editingwidgets1_en-US.png

Edit design

Allows you to make changes to the style, including colour, text, images and other features. Also lets you change the Blank Space of the widget.



Allows you to make changes to the widget's HTML or CSS. We recommend this option only if you are comfortable with these languages.


Entrance animation

Allows you to customise how the widget appears on the screen; for example, fading in, bouncing in or zooming in.

Select container

Selects the column or row this widget is in, allowing you to find and edit it easily.

Copy & paste

Copying a widget saves it so that you can paste it later in another location. The paste option only appears if you have a widget that has been copied.

Copying a row saves it so that you can later paste it below another row. The paste option only appears in the row dialogue when you have a row that has been copied.

Hide on device

Use the hide on device feature to change your content depending on the device your visitor uses to access your website. Show a click-to-call widget for mobile users or a contact form for desktop users. Widgets hidden by the Hide On Device feature aren't gone forever; you can see all of the hidden elements on a page by clicking the Unhide Elements button at the bottom of the left menu. For more information about hiding on devices, read this article.

Set as anchor 

Anchor links let you send visitors to a specific section of the page, making it easier for them to get from place to place on a longer page or to a specific section that you'd like to reference. For more information about anchors, read this article.


The Delete option deletes the widget and removes it from all devices.


Set whether the widget sticks to the left, right or centre of its area.

Things to consider

Some widgets behave very differently in different views. It's good practice to check the way your widget displays in each view after adding it to make sure it's showing up the way you want it to.


  • To learn more about adding widgets to your Website, see Adding Widgets.