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The Social Icons feature adds links to your social media profiles on many popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Google my business and more. Adding social media links to your website is very important and is one of the best ways to reach your audience and gain views, both locally and globally.

Add Social Icons to Your Website

Add the social icons widget to your Website Builder. To learn more about adding widgets to your website, see Adding Widgets.

Setting up Social Icons

Once the widget has been placed, the Content Editor will appear. Here, you can choose the social icons you want to include on your Website.


Add your social media profile URLs in order to connect your accounts.


Navigate to the Design Editor by clicking the Design tab. Here you can change the:

  • Layout - change the look of the social icons to match your website. Choose between many different shapes and colours.
  • Style - change style features such as the size of the social icons and the spacing between icons.
  • Spacing - adjust the spacing between the social icon widget and other widgets and elements surrounding the social icon widget.


Things to consider

If your Website is for your business, make sure to enter your business social media accounts instead of your personal accounts.