Add Sections of Widgets


Predefined Sections are pre-built rows of widgets for you to add to your Site. You can use these custom sections to build rows without having to drag and drop widgets manually. Use pre-defined sections to quickly create and fill a row with content.


Click Widgets on the left menu.AddSectionsofWidgets1_en-US.png

Click Sections. Choose between the section options.AddSectionsofWidgets2_en-US.png

Click and drag the desired section into your Website.AddSectionsofWidgets3_en-US.png

Once the section has been placed, customise as you like! AddSectionsofWidgets4_en-US.png

Things to consider

Section behaviour

Each section creates a new row of content within your Site. You cannot place pre-defined sections inside of an existing row or column. However, once you have added a section you can add or remove content from the new row.

Section types

There are ten section types, each made up of different widgets:

  • Image & Button: three columns, each with one image and one button widget
  • Image & Text: two columns of text surrounding an image widget
  • Contact Us: a map widget and a contact form widget
  • Background Image & Button: single row with a background image and a button widget
  • Basic Text: three columns of text widgets
  • Image, Text & Button: single row with image, paragraph and button widget
  • Basic Image: three image widgets
  • Social: A Twitter feed, social icons widget and a Contact Us widget (text and a button)
  • List: Three columns, each with an image, a button and text widget
  • Footer: A map widget, a social icons widget and a Contact Us widget (text and a button)
  • Text & Button: single row with small title, paragraph and button widget
  • Background, Text & Social: single row with background image, paragraph and social media button widget