Add Click to Call


A Click to Call button starts a phone call when pressed. Adding a Click to Call button to the mobile version of your Site makes it easy for Website visitors to call your business.


  1. Add a Click to Call widget onto your Website Builder. To learn more about adding widgets to your Website, see Adding Widgets.
  2. Enter a phone number in the Phone Number Area.


  3. Enter the text you'd like displayed on the button in the Text on Button Area.


  4. Open the Design Editor by clicking the design tab on the top left corner to change the button layout, style and spacing. You can also revert back to the global button design.


Things to consider

The Click to Call widget asks the visitor's device to call the number set in the Phone Number Area. Some devices may not have a way to handle this (most desktop computers and tablets, for example) or may handle it in unusual ways. We recommend using the Click to Call button only on the mobile version of your Website.


Can I use international numbers?

Add a + symbol before the country code and in most cases, international numbers will work.

Can I link to extensions?

Unfortunately, there is no standardised way to dial extensions automatically.