Edit By Device


Edits made to one device will appear on all devices. For example, when a row is deleted from the tablet view of your site, the row will also be missing on the desktop and mobile views of your website. This is because your site is responsive, thus sharing content across all devices. However, you may want to differentiate which content appears on which devices. You can use our edit by device features to accomplish this and serve your visitors content that is appropriate for the device they are accessing your website from.


When making edits to a specific device, it's often necessary to switch views. To learn how to do this, go to Switching Views.

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Some widgets and features may only appear on certain devices. To change the style of a widget on a certain device, switch to that device view and then make your change.


Rows & General Changes By Using Hide-on-device

Almost everything in the editor, with the exception of the header and footer, can be edited on a per-device basis by making the content specific to that device. To do so:

  1. Copy the content that you would like to be device-specific. (Right-click the widget, click 'copy', then click 'paste'.)
  2. Right-click on one of the widgets, select 'Hide on device', then select the device where you want the widget to be hidden. For example, setting a button to 'Hide on Desktop' will remove the button from the desktop, but will still be shown in the tablet and mobile website.
  3. Click on the original content and select 'Hide on device', then hide the content on the device(s) on which you don't want to change this content. For example, if you set your copy button to 'Hide on Desktop', you would set the original button to 'Hide on Tablet' and 'Hide on Mobile'. This way, you will have two different buttons; one showing on your desktop and a different one showing on your tablet and mobile.
  4. If you want the content to be different on all three devices, you can copy it again (so you have a total of three copies of the same content) and have a different button displayed on each device.
  5. Once you've followed these steps, you now have two (or three) identical but different pieces of content, each displayed on a different device. Any further changes made to this content will affect only the device on which it's set to show.editbydevice2_en-US.png

Header Logo or Title

The header logo or title can be customised by the device, per your choosing. While editing the tablet or mobile views, there is an option to enable or disable the ability to customise the title by the device.


Widget Specific Changes

There are certain elements that either have the option to work differently on different devices or will automatically change functionally depending on the visitor. 

Things to consider

When editing device specific widgets, remember to check all views before publishing your website. Widgets can be easily misplaced when using the 'Hide on Device' option.