Important Information about Your Website's Backup Function

The backup function lets you create or restore a backup of your website at any time using the editor. You can save one or multiple backups of your website so that they can be restored at a later time.

Please note: if you reset your website using the Control Panel, all backups will be irrevocably deleted and will no longer be available.

Even if you create a new website after the reset, the backups will not be available.

The editor saves up to 20 backups automatically and up to 10 backups manually. After that, the oldest backup is overwritten by one of the latest.

The editor saves a backup after any of the following actions:

  • Republishing your website
  • Activating the developer mode
  • Creating a multilingual website
  • Restoring a backup

You can find an overview of your backups in the editor under Settings > Website backup.

Warning: if you reset your website in the Control Panel, all settings and data such as the layout, content and backups will be lost! You cannot undo this process and all data will be reset permanently.