Editing the Header and Navigation for Tablet Views


We have added new functionality to the tablet header to offer more customisations and widget display options. Drag & drop widgets onto the header to create new designs and add more features. If you have already created a website, the old tablet header will be used until you update the feature.


You can update to the new tablet view header by clicking on the header in tablet view. An automatic backup is created when you update the header. Note: this step only applies for existing sites, it does not pertain to new sites.



Tablet Header

Just like the desktop header, you can edit the tablet header by drag & drop widgets from the widgets menu. You can create multiple columns and rows in the tablet header to accommodate your widgets and to change the design of the header.


To edit the tablet header design, hover over the header and click the Header label. Then select Edit Design. You can change the background, spacing and other design features through this menu.


Tablet expandable menu

To edit the tablet menu, click on the menu icon (AKA hamburger icon) in tablet view. Right click the navigation and select Edit Design.


You can drag & drop widgets into the header and edit the header like a other row on the site.

You can change the entrance effect so that the navigation appears from the top or the side. When changing this setting, it will also let you change the width (when choosing the side entrance effect) or height (when choosing the top entrance effect).


Things to consider

Where is the multi language indication in the new tablet layout? 

The multi language widget will appear in the header in a default location. You can remove it or ass and it widget to any other location in the menu or header, just drag & drop it from the widgets panel.