Activating and editing an Online Business Card

Activate your Online Business Card before making major changes to your website! Visitors to your website will then see your Online Business Card. This will give you time to design the website and add content.


When your website is not online (published), your visitors will see your Online Business Card automatically.

  1. Log in to your Control Panel
  1. Click Websites or MyWebsite under MY PRODUCTS in the left navigation bar.
    If you have multiple MyWebsite or Website Builder packages, these will be grouped together in the website overview regardless of contract. Select a website by clicking Manage website.
  2. You now have the following options:
    If your website is not yet created: Click Edit Online Business Card and modify the Online Business Card to suit your needs.
    If you already created your website: In the Status section, click the gear icon > Activate Online Business Card.


Editing your Online Business Card

You can modify the Online Business Card easily to suit your needs.

  1. In the Status section, click the gear icon > Edit Online Business Card.
  2. You can customise your Online Business Card, for example with your contact details, a background image, a Contact Us area and a map section for your location. You can also offer your visitors a contact form.
  3. In the Contents section, you can activate/deactivate various sections by clicking the sliders and entering your chosen information.
  4. The Design section offers you various options for arranging the information.
  5. To upload your own logo and background image, click the plus icon in these sections and upload your chosen graphics.
  6. You can use the Darken background option to make your text easier to read.

    Your customers will find all the important information and you can take your time editing your website.


Choosing a Domain for the Online Business Card

You can change which domain is connected to the Online Business Card at any time.

  1. In the Domain (Internet Address) section, click the gear icon > Change Domain.
    If you have not yet connected your own domain, click the Domain (Internet Address)
  2. Click the desired domain.