Add Sections of Widgets


Add a new section – a prebuilt row (or rows) of widgets – to your website in Section Mode. Sections allow you to bring great-looking content to your website quickly and efficiently. Choose from a wide range of sections, grouped into categories such as About, Team, Testimonials and Gallery. The design can be changed after being selected, so don’t worry about a section having a different background colour or font to the rest of your website. You can also personalise it with your own text or images.


When hovering between rows, an ‘Add Section’ button appears. Click this button to open Section Mode.

In Section Mode, a gallery of pre-made sections is available on the left-bar, grouped into categories (Intro, Features, About, Team, Testimonials, etc.).

Click on a section to display it as a new row. You can then browse sections within the same category by using the arrows keys or by selecting a section from a different category.

After picking a section, click ‘Save’ to embed the section into your website or click 'Save & Add Another' to continue adding sections. The section is converted into a row (or rows) and you can then change its design or personalise it with your own text and images.  

Things to consider

  • There is no use of any custom CSS in any of the sections – they are all built within the editor by designers.
  • Sections do not use the text colour or font settings from the Global Design settings.
  • Depending on the section you are using, it may pull the text size setting from the Global Design settings. By not applying the global design, we make sure the section looks good. If we would automatically apply the global design, it could make the design of the section incoherent (e.g. if the font colour is white in the global design and the section’s background is also white, then the text would be unreadable). You will always be able to clear the format and apply your global design.
  • Sections may contain more than one row.
  • Sections cannot be used in the header. To change the full header section, go to the header editor and select a new one.
  • Sections are not fully localised.
  • Sections are not available for sidebar templates.